Gary Swank

Meet Gary


This is not only my job, it’s my passion.

Since I started my landscape company back in 1980, I have learned a tremendous amount about landscaping; like taking pride in workmanship, the value of using quality material, and the ways to install them. I come from and believe in the “old school” of work integrity. My first career choice was to be an artist working with pencil and paint, but I love being outdoors working with my hands so landscaping was the perfect choice for me, and I have been designing and installing landscape projects ever since. 

  My customer's yards are my open canvas where I get creative using God's unending natural resources. I love using boulders, soil, trees, plants, block walls, and rock of many colors for my creations. 

   One of my customers wishes was to her to have as much drama as possible for her landscape project but at the same time I want my scene to be simple, not busy". After I completed her landscape she told me I exceeded her expectations. One of the most joyous things in my trade is seeing people so happy about their yard. I treat every yard like it's my own, personally seeing every detail through to the end to be the very best it could be.

I commit to the following:

1)  Provide you the best landscape on your street, neighborhood, or town. It is always my goal to show drama in the landscape, without being complicated or “busy”.

2) Providing everything you pay for, most often I go above and beyond the agreement. 

3) Long lasting results such as preparing soil, and providing more than enough sprinkler heads in this dry windy area, that will save you money in the long run.

Gary Swank - Owner

Gary Swank - Owner